Vibration training can do something for everyone.

The vibe machine is a piece of exercise equipment that you stand on. The standing plate moves like a small see-saw as you stand, squat, press up or hold your body weight on. 

Short on time? Vibration training workouts take only 10 to 15 minutes!

At PROFIT we have two vibration training machines.

People with certain medical conditions should not use the vibe. When you come in for your first session we will take you through a list of conditions and injuries that can be affected when using the vibe.
Vibration Training sessions are by appointment only. Sessions are fully supervised to ensure correct technique and safety.

The best way to incorporate vibration training into your exercise routine is to replace one of your weekly resistance training sessions with a vibration 'shake-up' session.
Sound like a bit of you? Contact us today to book a time with us to get you started.
How does vibration training work?
By vibrating your central nervous system causing every muscle to twitch in an involuntary stretch reflex,;similar to when you are struck just below the knee cap and your leg kicks itself up. Your muscles will move at the rate the machine is set at e.g. 20hertz setting will cause your muscles to move 20 times per second.
Did you know that your muscles are capable of moving up to 150 times per second?
This rapid movement engages close to 100% of your muscle fibres and causes the body to burn large amounts of energy and fat cells. (Normal exercise only engages up to 70% of muscle fibres)

Benefits of Vibration Training
Weight Loss, Toning & Athletic Ability
Cellulite Reduction
Stretching & Relaxation
Reduced risk of Osteoporosis, Increased Bone Density
Improved Mobility & Balance