Sauna / Steam...  A great way to relax after a stressful day or week!

The classic sauna is best enjoyed at temperatures of 75-90C in a relative humidity of 20-35%. Occasionally you sprinkle a ladle of water over the hot sauna stones and feel the unique, tingling sensation as wave after wave of heat penetrates deep into your skin. Your pores open, you perspire freely and dead skin cells simply disappear in the shower.

Steam sauna is a gentler form of sauna in 45-65C which for many people is the ideal bathing temperature. A continuous and automatic supply of steam ensures constant humidity of 40-65%. The result is a more temperate bathing climate that tempts both young and old to linger a little longer. Just like the traditional saunas, steam saunas will produce the same sensation of clean, fresh skin and gives you the same opportunity to unwind and relax

Contact us to book a session for either a sauna or a steam. Bookings are essential so that we are able to ensure the sauna/steam is prepared for your appointment. Members: Look out for the free sauna nights over the autumn and winter months

Health Benefits

Weight Loss

A single sauna session will enable your body to sweat up to 1,000 calories. A good deal of the fluid loss must naturally be restored but two saunas a week followed by an intake of calorie free liquid can generate considerable weight loss.


Sauna will assist in dissolving old, hard, stuck on fat deposits under the skin and assist in removing the gel like lumps of fat and water trapped in pockets beneath the skin through profuse sweating.

Skin Care

Undoubtedly sauna is the finest way of deep cleansing the skin because it acts as a third kidney, flushing out such toxins as alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol and many metals such as lead, copper, zinc, cadmium and mercury which the body absorbs in the polluted environments. Regular sauna will improve circulation which in turn encourages a healthy flow of nutrients to the skin, resulting in a clearer, healthier complexion.

Reduced Stress and Fatigue

As wave after wave of heat massages its way into your body, your muscles relax, your body unwinds, stress and fatigue simply evaporate and fades away. You are left feeling relaxed and heavenly. This type of dry heat can penetrate into the skin and muscles about 1 - 2 inches achieving deep tissue relaxation. Sauna is an excellent therapy to ease the pain and discomfort of arthritic stiffness, aches and soreness in both the muscles and joints.

Muscle and Joint Pain

Relaxes and loosens muscle tissue, reducing the daily build- up of tension and increasing muscle flexibility by as much as 10 percent. Increased circulation means more oxygen to aching muscles and joints, this in turn stimulates vasodilatation of peripheral blood vessels which will relieve the pain of arthritis and speed the healing of sprains and muscle pain. The oxygen promotes glycogen supply, the muscles energy reserves.

Improved Immune System

Sauna creates a fever reaction which can kill viruses and bacteria, improve white blood cells helping the immune system to fight off everything from a cold to cancer. The increased sweating combined with the removing of toxins and wastes improves your overall health and your resistance to disease is heightened.